person silhouetteRichard Bordner, Ph.D.

Professor, Anthropology
Program Advisor
Division of Behavioral Sciences
Phone: (808)739-4644


Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Geography, Hawaiian Studies, Archaeology, Geography


Richard Bordner, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, teaches cultural anthropology, archaeology and geography and is a program advisor for Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology, Geography, Cultural Diversity, Hawaiian Studies and Pacific Island Studies.

He has also been the Principal Investigator for the Summer Archaeology Field School since the mid-1980’s at various locations in Hawai`i, mainly on the islands of Maui and Hawai`i. By training he is an archaeologist and cultural geographer, with major interests in ritual, symbolism and the perceptual landscape over time. Major regional interests have been Polynesia (specifically Hawai`i), Melanesia (specifically New Caledonia) and more recently, East Asia. His background as a CRM archaeologist since the mid-1970’s has provided a wide range of experience both in archaeology and also in cultural preservation, including a period of time at the Historic Hawai`i Foundation. He has edited the Thrum’s Annuals from 1875-1933 and J. Reinecke’s Archaeology of West Hawaii 1930 (both available as e-books from Amazon).

Dr. Bordner has also provides consultant services to both the travel industry and higher education. He served on the Board of Directors of Get2Hawaii, a travel industry data-reservations company from 2000-2004, and as interim CEO of Get2Hawaii in 2003.

Dr. Bordner’s current research projects include the following:

The Empathic Artificial Intelligence Device Development Project. The goal of this project which began in 2017 is to develop, deploy and validate Empathic AI devices for student behavioral health and academic support.  This will eventually include the development of a new, proprietary Ai device for use both in education and the elder healthcare behavioral support sector.  He is Co-Principal Investigator along with Dr. Darren Iwamoto (Psychology), with Dr. Helen Turner (Biology) as Project Director.

The ‘Einstein’ Educational and Self-Regulation Software APP and Content Development Project. This project, which began in 2016, has the goal of developing educational and self-regulation training content to be delivered through an educational App.  The project’s eventual goal is to develop materials either through an existing educational App platform or develop our own platform to provide tutoring and support materials in a range of subjects here at Chaminade.  Dr. Richard Bordner is one of the Principal Investigators along with Dr. Darren Iwamoto (Psychology). The project team includes Chaminade faculty from a number of different disciplines and divisions, including from Dr. Guanlin Gao (Economics), Dr. Helen Turner (Biology), Dr. Hans Chun (Education), Dr. Bryan Man (Sociology) and Dr. Janet Davidson (Criminology).

The Konane as Educational Support Tool Project. The goal of this project is to develop techniques encouraging critical thinking and mindfulness through the practice of playing konane, a traditional Hawaiian board game.  Dr. Bordner is one of the Project Directors along with Dr. Esben Borsting (Director, Office of Native Hawaiian Partnerships).

The Old Hawaii Google Earth Project. This project has been active since 2011, the goal being to place traditional Hawaiian places and stories into the Google Earth/Google Maps environment.  It also serves as a Service Learning Project in a number of courses as students convert existing textual material into Google Earth entries. Dr. Bordner is one of the Project Directors along with Candice Sakuda (Director, Service Learning).

The Shaanxi Provincial Historic Preservation GIS Project. Since 2006 Dr. Bordner has been a researcher working on the Shaanxi Provincial Historic Preservation GIS Project, in Shaanxi, China, under control of Vice-Director/Professor Weilin Wang of the Shaanxi Archaeology Institute. The goal of this project is to input existing print materials into an integrated GIS database of archaeological and historical resources in Shaanxi Province for the Provincial Government. The consortium members include: Shaanxi Provincial Archaeology Institute (the lead partner); the Xi’an Center for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Director Dr. Zhang Ying Lan) and Chaminade University (Dr. Richard Bordner).

Academic Degrees

B.A., University of Oregon
M.A., University of Hawai’i
Ph.D., University of Hawai’i