Photo: Peter SteigerPeter Steiger, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Phone: (808) 440-4212


Philosophy 100 – Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy 380 – Selected Readings in Plato and Aristotle, Philosophy 480 – God of Faith and Reason, Religious Studies 306 – Early Christianity, Religious Studies 307 – Modern Christianity, Religious Studies 380 – Angels and Demons, Religious Studies 480 – Reading Paradise


Born and raised in central Ohio, Professor Steiger is a proud Buckeye, though he loves living in Hawaii.  He has lived in Honolulu and taught full time at Chaminade since fall of 2005.  When he is not on campus, he enjoys surfing waves in Waikiki, swinging in his hammock under the palm trees at the beach, riding his motorcycle around Oahu and watching Ohio State football on television.  His favorite food is jelly donuts, his favorite beverages are brown (coffee in the morning, porter in the evening), and he loves wearing jeans.

Professionally, he is interested in how Christians have incorporated philosophy into their theology and spirituality.  His research has focused on the early Christian biblical scholar and theologian, Didymus the Blind.  Specifically, how this renowned Christian teacher incorporated philosophical ideas from Plato and Aristotle into his commentary on the bible.  More recently, new areas of interest have included the role of spiritual practice in the lives of business professionals and improving teaching through mobile learning.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., The Catholic University of America
M.B.A., Chaminade University of Honolulu
M.A., University of Dayton
B.A., The Ohio State University