Portrait Michael DohmMichael Dohm, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biology
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Email: mdohm@chaminade.edu
Phone: (808) 739-8543


Genetic Biology, Genetic Biology Lab, Biostatistics, Evolution


Dr. Mike Dohm has been at Chaminade since 2005. He teaches Genetics, Epigenetics/Genomics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology. Dr. Dohm’s research interests are on gene expression of lung epithelial cells in response to environmental stress in order to better understand how stressors like air pollution can trigger pathological processes. Dr. Dohm’s research in the Laboratory of Ecological Genomics is also concerned with integrating evolutionary genetics and ecotoxicology and provides undergraduate experiences from funding such as the NIH INBRE grant.


B.S., University of Washington; M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison
B.S., University of Washington

Selected Publications

Dohm, M. R., Mautz W.J., Doratt R.E., & Stevens J.R. (2008) Effects of ozone exposure on feeding and exploratory behavior of an amphibian, Bufo marinus. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 27(5):151-158.

Dohm, M. R., Mautz, W.J., Andrade, J.A., Gellert, K.S., Salas-Ferguson, L.J., Nicolaisen, N., & N. Fujie. (2005). Effects of ozone exposure on non-specific phagocytic capacity of pulmonary macrophages from an amphibian, Bufo marinus. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24(1), 205-210.

Mautz, W. J., & Dohm, M.R. (2004). Respiratory and behavioral effects of ozone on a lizard and a frog. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A, 139, 371-377.

Dohm, M. R. (2002). Repeatability estimates do not always set an upper limit to heritability. Functional Ecology 16, 273-280.

Dohm, M. R., Hayes, J.P., & Garland Jr. T. (2001). The quantitative genetics of maximal and basal rates of oxygen consumption in outbred house mice. Genetics 159, 267-277.

Dohm, M. R., Mautz, W.J., Looby, P.G., Gellert, K. S., & Andrade, J. A. (2001). Effects of ozone on< evaporative water loss and thermoregulatory behavior of marine toads (Bufo marinus). Environmental Research Section A 86, 274-286.

Hammond, K. A., Roth, J., Janes, D. N., & Dohm, M. R. (1999). Morphological and physiological responses to altitude in deer mice Peromyscus maniculatus. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 72, 613-622.

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