Photo: Elizabeth LockardElizabeth Lockard, M.Arch., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Environmental + Interior Design
Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
(808) 440-4126


EID 200 Fundamentals of Interior Design, EID 202 Introduction to Technical Drawing, EID 220 Building Systems & Components, EID 271 Materiality in Design, EID/ENV 384 Sustainability in Design, EID 414 Portfolio Preparation, EID 415 Professional Practice Internship, EID 471 Senior Studio (Commercial)


Liza Lockard is an Associate Professor in the Environmental + Interior Design program. Prior to her arrival at Chaminade, she practiced architecture in the U.S., Vietnam, Switzerland, and Costa Rica, and previously taught at the University of Hawai‘i School of Architecture.

Dr. Lockard’s research focuses on human habitation in Space; specifically how technological design and the interior architecture of the habitat can facilitate adaptation to the Martian environment.

Her other passions include surfing, dogs, and being outdoors as much as possible.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. Futures Studies (Political Science), University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Dissertation title: “Human Migration to Space: Alternative Technological Approaches for Long-Term Adaptation to Extraterrestrial Environments and the Implications for Evolution”
M.Arch. Architecture, Yale University
B.A. Philosophy, University of New Hampshire

Awards and Honors

  • Soroptimist International – Founder Region Fellowship
  • Graham Foundation for the Fine Arts – Research & Teaching Grant
  • Embassy of the Netherlands (Vietnam) – Research & Teaching Grant
  • American Academy of Art and Architecture – ’39 Architects Under 39′ International Competition
  • Yale University School of Architecture – Kenneth A. Housholder Scholarship
  • American Institute of Architects – Plan/NH Fellowship
  • Boston Society of Architects – ‘Unbuilt Projects’ International Competition

Selected Publications

“Design Considerations for Long-Term Habitation in Space: The Role of Aesthetics and Human Cognition”

“Habitation in Space: The Relationship between Aesthetics and Dwelling”

“Technology and the Future of Architecture: New Paradigms for Earth and Space Habitats”

“Symbiocracy: The Structuring of New Societies in Space Based on Principles of Mutualism and Symbiosis”

“The Relationship between Behavior and Environment in Designing Habitats for Space”

“How Human Perception Informs the Design of Human Habitats in Space”

“Redefining our Relationship to the Built Environment: A Biomimetic Approach to Architectural Design”

“Human Adaptation to Space Environments and the Role of Technology”

“Space Architecture: Considerations for Human Behavior and Well-Being”

“Design Implications of Human Migration to Mars”