Photo: Bryan MoseleyBryan Moseley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Education
Division of Education
Phone: (808) 739-8549


Dr. Bryan Moseley is an assistant professor in the Education Division at Chaminade University where he teaches courses in mathematics education, educational research, child development and educational psychology. His research interests include teachers and student’s mathematical reasoning with algebra and rational number. He has previously been funded by the Spencer Foundation to study cross-national differences in US and Japanese teachers. His most recent work compares the results traditional and standards-based methods of algebra instruction on student problem solving.

Selected Publications

Moseley, B. & Brenner, M. E. (2009). A comparison of curricular effect on the integration of arithmetic and algebraic schemata in pre-algebra students. Instructional Science, 37, 1-20.

Moseley, B. & Okamoto, Y. (2008). Investigating fourth graders’ linking of rational number representations: A mixed methods approach. School Science & Mathematics, 108(6), 238 – 250

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Moseley, B. & Okamoto, Y. (2008, March). In my opinion: Making it accessible: What U.S. teachers should know about Japanese mathematics teaching and schooling. Teaching Children Mathematics, 14, 387-388.

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